Monday, October 22, 2007

Ok, so I don't really have a story to go with these pictures. They're just really cute, I can't help but share them with everyone! What a fun baby!

Slobber Faucet!

As soon as Macy turned 4 months old she started slobbering like crazy! It has gotten so bad lately, so she has to either wear a bib all day or I end up changing her clothes a couple times, because she soaks clear through everything. The pictures show she really doesn't mind though. Especially if the bib is cute and pink!!!!


Poor Macy gets pretty cold after her baths! As soon as I take her towel off, she begins to shiver. I think she gets it from me. I drive my husband crazy at night, because I'm always shivering. I have to turn on an extra heater for Macy at night, but I still suffer, because Payte is always so hot. So I dress warm and use extra blankets.

Macy's first Sippy Cup!

Macy now has her first sippy cup! She does pretty well with it, but she'd rather chew on it than drink out of it. She chews and drools on everything! I've been thinking she's teething for the last two months, but we still haven't seen anything. Oh well. My brothers and I didn't get any teeth until after we were a year old. So we could still have a while.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My pretty purple monster!

WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bath Time!

Macy loves her bath time! Her tub has a few different ways to sit in it, and she is now sitting on "the big girl side"! I think this is her best part of the day.

Annual Clark Family Photos

Well it was once again time for Clark famly photos. You'll notice my brother Jared is missing as he is serving a mission in Tiawan. We hear from him weekly through e-mail and he is doing so great! He Left in March, just 10 days before Macy was born!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


This is the damage the 8 inches of snow did on October 6th, 2007! And all this last week the temps were in the 70's! Crazy Idaho! But now the trees are goreous for fall! I love the seasons!


Poor Macy was so tired, but wouldn't lay down! So here's what happened!

My Kitty! (aka Macy)

So my new name for my baby girl is Kitty! She makes all the noises a cat does. She meows, purrs, hisses, and she scratches! It's pretty funny! I better get some video of it! But here's some cute pictures of my Kitty!