Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Happening!

Macy is finally figuring out that walking is fun! I think we're on our way to more trouble as she is going to be running around the house instead of crawling as fast as she can! I think we'll have to remind her to walk for the first while because she's so used to crawling, but she's on her way to being a big girl! Last night Payte and my mom sat on the floor and had Macy walk between them for about 30 minutes. She thought that was a pretty fun game. Payte said he'd much rather play that game with Macy than play Halo. What a cute daddy he is. You'll see in the video that my brother Tyson is playing Halo in the background, so don't mind the shooting noises. I picked this video because she stops in the middle and claps for herself! We had to stop the game after a while, because every time she would fall everybody would laugh, so she just started falling on purpose. She loves being the center of attention!

Macy also went on her first 4wheeler ride on Sunday. I was nervous about it, but she absolutely loved it! Payte just locked his legs around hers and went for it. We had a lot of fun riding around our field behind our house. It got me excited to start building a new house back there and for Payte's parents to move up here. I love living out here in the country with all this room to play. Macy likes all the new baby cows that moved in next door too. She knows how to moo at them and wave to them. Now we just need some more sunshine so that we can really have fun outside!

Here are some of Macy's "modeling" poses! She remembered that she likes the camera again, so we've had fun lately.

Macy also loves to help with laundry. As soon as I bring a fresh load of clothes from the dryer, she hops right in the basket and starts throwing things out of it. She especially loves it when I fold Payte's socks. They make for good balls.