Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's!!!!!!

My family had a great Valentine's day. It was fun to have Macy around and spoil her with cute stuff! It was a busy day with doing taxes (we did very well on that! Thanks Macy!), going to clogging class and grocery shopping. When I got in my car to go do all this stuff, there was a very sweet card from Payte on my dashboard and the new Natasha Bedingfield CD was playing. I was very romantic this year and gave Payte the Arnold Schwarzenager bible of body building!!! Whoo hoo! Yes, it's the most disgusting book I've ever seen, but whatever makes him happy right? Macy got a very cute pink, plush, puppy (say that three times), a pair of shoes, and some cute jeans. Her nana sent a pink bear, and her grandma gave her a cute duck. The best part of the day was our dinner though! And it was homemade!!!!! I had take pictures of it, because it's rare that we have such a beautiful meal. It was so easy though, that I'm ready to do it more often! We had steamed asparagus with a light cheese sauce, grilled steaks, and mashed potatoes. Oh, and don't forget the fabulous white chocolate dipped strawberries! Sooooo good! Anyways, I hope everyone else had a great day with the people they love. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and a loving husband who takes care of his wife and daughter. Love ya hunny!