Monday, June 30, 2008

Crook Family Reunion

Last weekend was my mom's side of the family reunion. We went to Mapleton, Utah where great friends of the family let us come to their home and family barn where dances and parties are held often. It was all at the base of the mountains and there was a large pond with canoes, paddle boats and a rope swing. We played lots of games including siamese kickball, giant slip and slide, and volley ball with giant beach balls. My uncle Bill brought his accordian as always and we did the chicken dance together. Macy was a very good little dancer. The best part of the whole weekend was when my 85 year old grandma went down the slip and slide in her clothes! She thought it was so much fun that she talked my 90 year old blind grandpa into going down with her again! I got video of it, but it's sideways, so I guess I won't post it. I am so lucky to have such healthy, youthful, and fun grandparents! I will never forget that day! The last picture is the house my grandpa grew up in, in Heber City, UT.

Girl's Camp

One of the reasons I haven't been posting this month is because I've been doing Girl's camp stuff. Two months ago the Bishop came to my door and asked me to be the camp director. I told him yes not knowing what the dates of camp would be. That night as I looked at my calendar I realized I wouldn't be able to go to camp the whole week, so I told him that the same night. They decided to find someone else and have me be the assistant, but it took them a while to find someone, so I ended up doing alot of the work. It was tons of fun though, and I love those girls so much. I only ended up going on Monday last week and was so sad to leave that night! The girls brushed my hair, rubbed my shoulders, and played games with me! I hope I can stay in the Young Women's program for a while, because it's so much fun! The girl's make me feel so loved. So now I get to go back to just being the Personal Progress leader which is fine with me!

Summer Days!

So Macy and I have really been enjoying the nice weather lately. All she wants to do is play outside in our grass. She loves to go see the 5 horses we have in back so all day she says, "Horse! Horse! Horse!" We also go see the goat (Jasmine.) Jasmine loves it when we let her out to come and eat our weeds. She acts just like dog. It's pretty fun. Anyways, here are some cute pictures of Macy rolling in the grass.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New obsession???

So Payte talked me into going to the AMA superbike races in Tooele, UT over the weekend. I have to admit I wasn't really looking forward to it but was going because I wanted to spend time with my husband. I am now officially into superbike racing! Never in my life would I have dreamed about liking such a sport, but we had so much fun down there! I even have a couple favorite racers and bikes already! Michael Jordan sponsors a team that has beautiful baby blue bikes that were fun to watch and some great riders Aaron Yates and Geoff May. I also grew to like Jake Zemke mostly because he let me take a picture with him and was way nice! He also won his race. So here are some fun pics of the weekend.