Friday, July 18, 2008

She's a girl!!!

It's official! Macy is a girly girl! She's already into dressing up. She tries to put on my glasses, shoes, shirts, skirts, socks, and yes even my underwear!!! I'll have to get her some of her own stuff to dress up in before she ends up embarresing me! So here are some cute glam shots of my girl!

Over already!

You know how time goes by so slowly when you're anticipating an exciting event? Like girl's reunions....trip to California? And then all of a sudden it's all over? Well it's already over for me! One month ago I was going crazy with anticipation and excitement to do so many fun things and it passed so quickly! We got back from California Sunday night and Payte has asked me every day since if I've updated the blog. So while he's off having fun with the boys I'm catching up. We had a great time visiting Payte's family starting with his sister Shannon in Chester, CA. We left on July 2nd at 9:30 p.m. and drove through the night. It worked out well because Macy slept the whole time! We got to Shannon's house at 10:30 a.m. on July 3rd and rested all day long to prepare for the 4th. The morning of the 4th, Payte ran in the Chester 3 mile "Fun Run" with his sister. Then we went to the parade and then to the awesome lake. Chester is a small town in northern california, but on the 4th of July it really buzzes with people! Unfortunately there were many fires in the area so it was extremely smokey and some highways were closed. They had set up camps for the fire fighters at all the schools in the town. We missed the fireworks that night because Macy was filthy and we were exhausted. (and no fireworks can be better than Idaho Falls or Menan!) Anyways, here are the pics from that weekend.

On Saturday July 5th we left Chester and drove to Madera, CA where Payte grew up and where his other sister and parents still live. We did laundry and went to church the next day so that we could leave on Monday to Cypress, CA where Payte's grandparents and extended family live. We had a great time catching up, spend the night at a hotel, just to get up and drive to San Diego the next day. In San Diego we went to the zoo the first day, Sea World the second, and the children's discovery center the 3rd day. We could have easily spent at least a week there because there's so much to do and see, but we'll have to do that another time! Unfortunately I don't have pics from Sea World cuz I left my camera at the hotel, but my mother-in-law and sister-in-law took some, so those will have to be posted later. But here some fun pics from our time in San Diego.