Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy and Healthy

My mother-in-law called last night wondering if we were all feeling better. She said she read my blog and I hadn't updated since I posted about Macy's flu, so I guess I better do that. Our whole family is happy and healthy again! (knock on wood!) I forgot how fun Macy can be when she feels well! She has so much more energy and is enjoying every bite of food she can have. The poor thing got really sick of Pedialyte and so did my check book! She drinks her formula as fast as she can, probably worried that I'm going to take it away. She's eating her baby food really well too. I'm getting paranoid about easing her into a 1 year old diet. I've gotten so used to Gerber preparing her meals for me and knowing that they're healthy. Maybe it will be good for my diet too when she starts eating more solids. If only I cared as much about my welfare as I do for hers. I would be pretty darn healthy! Payte and I really are trying this year to get fit and slim down a bit. We are traveling to California for a week this summer and would like to enjoy the beach, so we've got about 4 months to get decent swimsuit bodies. Wish us luck! Macy on the other hand is going to look adorable in her swimsuit! I'm so excited!