Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town!

Macy sat on Santa's lap for the first time tonight. We went to my aunt Teresa's house for a family party, and Santa made a visit to all the little kids. Nobody cried, but nobody was very excited either. So we just got lots of pictures. Macy mostly wanted to eat his beard.

Christmas Dress

I also have to show off the great Christmas dress Macy's Grandma Clark gave her. She opened it last week so that she could wear it to church today. She loved the wrapping paper like I knew she would, but she really enjoyed seeing the dress in the box too! I can't wait to see her Christmas morning! (By the way this is a $54.00 dress that my mom got for $10.00!!! What a bargain shopper! And the shoes are from Grandma Cagle which she got for 25 cents at a yard sale! Love it!) Ok, another side note....I had to put an extension in Macy's headband to fit her large head! Poor baby!

"Baby's First Christmas"

This is Macy's lovely $1.00 shirt and hat from target. She can make anything look cute! This holiday season has been so much fun with her! What a blessing Macy has been to our family and our lives. I'm seriously so lucky to have such an angel for a baby.