Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cagle Christmas

The Christmas season has been so much fun this year thanks to little Macy! She is so excited about everything! She quickly learned who Santa is, and really enjoys watching him from a distance. The sitting on the lap thing doesn't go so well though. We have tried it twice and decided that was enough torture for the poor thing. We did get a picture of the second time though. It isn't a happy one!!! I'll have to scan it in later. She LOVES the snow that we have recently received and wants to go play in it all day everyday, but as soon as I tell her how cold it is, she decides to stay inside. Our Christmas tree is on a table this year in order to stay safe from the toddler and the puppy. I can't put any presents out because they would immediately be unwrapped! My nativity scene gets rearranged about 10 times a day and I often find myself looking for baby Jesus, just hoping he isn't in Abby or Macy's mouth! Macy also enjoys snowmen or "nomenenen." She is finally tall enough to see out the car window and enjoys looking at all the Christmas lights! or dights as she says. As for the Cagles there aren't any lights due to Payte's scrooge attitude towards all Christmas decor. I don't blame him on the lights though! (not a fun job!) And I know he isn't the only man who despises all the Christmas "clutter."

We are also happy with our freshly painted red Kitchen! It has brought a lot more warmth to that area, so we spend a little more time in there. (which isn't a good thing! we don't need ANY more food!)

We are all missing uncle "Ty" and uncle "Jew Jew" (Jared). We get to talk to Jared on the phone on Christmas eve, but since Tyson is in the CTM (brazil MTC) we won't be hearing from him this year. Jared comes home on February 24th! My parents have received the flight plans and everything, so that is very exciting! Jared is not wanting to come home though. He is so in love with Taiiwan, the people, and the work! He has been such a great missionary and touched many lives. Tyson is doing great as well. In the Brazil MTC they are able to go out and practice the language and hand out Books of Mormon. That has helped him a lot I think. He says he had stopped a young man on the street the other day, and as soon as Tyson started to bear his testimony the man started listening very intently. The spirit is so strong with those missionaries! I am so proud of my two brothers and the service they are doing right now. We sure do miss them, but wouldn't want them anywhere else at this time in their lives.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season! We surely feel blessed in these troubled times to have a home, health, faith, and family. Our knowledge of Christ is what gets us though the hard days, and I pray we can all celebrate His life not just this time of the year, but every day. Merry Christmas!