Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No way to catch up!

It's been way too long since i've posted and there is just no way I can post all the pictures and tell all the stories that should be told. I haven't been slacking on journaling my life though because I found the wonderful website: LDSJOURNAL.COM! You must try it out! It lets you keep a personal daily journal online and is completely private. It also asks important and thought provoking questions that help keep an accurate and interesting history of your life. Another great thing about it, is that they send you e-mail reminders about once a week to tell you to write. Fun Stuff!

Anyways, I guess the biggest story of my life is my sweet daughter Macy. She will be 18 months old this month and is just full of entertainment! I'll just have to go through my pictures and tell the stories that go with them.

This summer we discovered the Rexburg Splash Park! It was so nice for those really hot days in the summer, and I had so much fun watching Macy and all the other kids out there. The first time we went Macy met a cute little boy and played with him most of the time.

Macy continues to love dressing up and is obsessed with shoes. I think mostly because she knows shoes mean "go."

Macy is quite the talker too. I'll have to post some of the cute words she says later because the list is getting pretty long. But one of my favorites is when she says "happy!" I think "baby" is thrown in this video too. She thinks any little person is a baby.

For Labor Day weekend we decided to take Macy camping for the first time. She thought she was in heaven because she got to be outside all day long! She played in the dirt, rode the 4-wheeler and had a great time! The first night (well, the only night) we woke up to Macy screaming! We couldn't figure out what was wrong until I noticed she was touching her neck. There had been tons of hornets around and one had gotten in the tent and bit her. So we got her calmed down but I didn't sleep well because I was worried about her getting bitten again. The next day we went for a ride on the 4-wheeler to find huckelberries and she fell asleep on the way there. When we got back we were eating snacks and playing when a hornet bit her right on her bottom lip! It instantly started to swell and she broke into a rash. We gave her some benadryl and that took the rash away, but the swelling didn't go away for a while. I felt bad at the time, but we got some great pictures out of it! Poor thing! Just don't mind the boogers and dirt all over her face!

Before hornet bite......