Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Big Day!

So today was a big day for Macy! First we went to the doctor to follow up on her heart murmer. It was still there and hasn't changed, so she's going to see a pediatric cardiologist from Primary children's and have a chest x-ray and EKG. They have a clinic at EIRMC every couple months, but the good news is they will be here next week! So we'll go see what's going on. It's nothing to worry about though, cuz she's extremely healthy otherwise. The most exciting part of the day though was when Macy got her first tooth! She's such an angel too! She hasn't been sad or anything, she's just been drooling like crazy!!!! She tried biting my finger and I felt a sharp little tooth! Yippy! She also took her first official crawling move! What a big girl! She's growing up way too fast, so I guess I'll try to enjoy every second of it!