Friday, April 11, 2008

1 Year Check-up

Macy had her one year check up with the doctor on Monday. I love taking her to her pediatrician. I don't like taking myself to the doctor, but it's fun to see Macy's growth and how she's doing. First, the nurse came in and did her measurements and weight. Macy's head is 19 inches around. When the nurse went to write it down, she said, " wait, did I measure that right?". I said oh yes, I'm sure you did. Macy has got some big brains. So she's in the 99th percentile for head circumferance. She is 31 inches tall, which is in the 97th percentile. I can't believe I have a tall child! I guess there are some tall genes in the family, I just didn't get any of them. She weighs 20 lbs 6 oz which is in the 20th percentile, but the doctor said that's completely normal for a 1 year old because they are so active. The doctor also asked if Macy is saying any words. When I told him she says, "what?, yes, mama, dada, etc." he was very impressed. I told him to ask Macy some questions and she'd answer. He asked her if she was funny and she said "yes." "Are you cute?" "yes." "Do you run the house?" "Yes." He thought that was pretty funny! Then she had to get 3 shots from the nurse. So sad! She screamed and screamed, even though the nurse did a great job. They offered her a sucker though, which she has never had before, and the tears went right away! She was in heaven with all that sugar! So anyways, I'm so glad I have a healthy daughter who is so much fun and brings so much love and delight into our home. I can't believe she was just 5 pounds 1 year ago. We never thought she would be doing this well! Oh, she has also been taking a few steps here and there. I'm sure she'll be walking in the next couple weeks. Everybody says not to rush the walking because they'll be into everything, but she's already getting wherever she wants to go and getting into everything. If she walks maybe the knees in her pants will just last a little longer!

Happy Late Birthday!

I have a one year old daughter! I can't believe it, but I love it! My little Macy had a great birthday on March 30th. She shares is with her uncle Tyson who turned 19. Yep, that means twice the cake! Yummy! I'm pretty sure I enjoyed Macy's birthday more than she did, I think that's how first birthdays go. The 30th was on a Sunday, so first we went to church in the new dress that Payte's sister sent. Then we came home, took naps, lounged around, and finally opened a few presents from Payte and I. We gave her a baby, and a little cart thing that she pushes around the house. She also got a new car seat, and a life jacket, but those were mostly necessity things that didn't even get wrapped. I had made a cake on Saturday, so we took it over to my mom's house to have a tiny little party. Macy was timid at first with the cake. She would put her hand up to it, and then pull it away, like she wasn't sure if she was supposed to touch it. So we finally just cut out a big slice for her and put her in her high chair. Again, she just picked at it, but after a few minutes she took both hands and dived right in. She was squeezing and frosting would ooze out of her fingers. That was the best part of the day! What a girl!