Friday, August 21, 2009


Muhahahahahahaha! (Evil laugh!) You totally thought you were going to see new baby Cagle didn't you? Nope, he's still hangin' out in my belly for now! The goat that has been living at our house just gave birth to the cutest little baby girl! She's so soft and sweet! Macy hasn't met her yet, but I'm sure she'll go nuts! It's so much fun living in the country and having horses and goats live at our house! They keep all of our weeds mowed down in the pasture which is very nice!

And as for an update on our baby boy....

I'm now on bedrest because my blood pressure won't stay down when I get up and do anything. At the doc on Wednesday BP was 160/122!!! Ahhhh! That freaked me out, cuz it's never gotten over 95 even when I had Macy. So I got to spend a couple hours at the hospital to be monitored and have blood tests for pre-eclampsia. Blood test came back fine, and BP stabilized after laying down, so we got to come home. I'm 37 weeks now which is two weeks past when we had Macy! And this baby had steroids a month ago, so we're excited to have maybe a chubbier baby this time! Now we're just trying to get through the weekend because my brother Jared is getting married in the morning. I'm sneaking off of bedrest to go to the sealing in the morning! Shhhh! Don't tell! Anyways.... I will post more later, Macy just woke up. Bummer!


Curtis and Crystal said...

Your funny!!! I totaly thought I was going to see your new baby. The goat is cute too. Not as cute as your baby will be. That is too bad about your blood pressure. That can be pretty dangerous. I hope all goes well with baby boy and that we will see pictures of him soon.

Janel said...

hope your bp stays down. looking forward to the photos.